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What Do I Need to Bring to Camp?

You will definitely need your own softball glove and bat. If you don't have these and would like some expert advice on choosing the right equipment for you, please contact us at You should also have a well-fitted and certifiably safe batting helmet. Molded cleats (not metal) and sneakers (in case you need to go indoors) are essentials as well. The summer months can be pretty hot, so sun block, hats/visors, and a water bottle are advised. (You can purchase a water bottle when you register, which will also give you access to free refills on sports drinks when you use it.) A bat bag or appropriately sized equipment bag for all of your gear is recommended as well. Batting gloves are not necessary, but sometimes helpful. You must pack and bring lunch with you each day, and we recommend labelling your lunch bag and other items to avoid misplacing them. If you have not returned any required forms to us prior to camp, you MUST bring them with you on the first day or you will be unable to participate. We do sell snacks as well as apparel, so some spending money is recommended. In addition, we often distribute raffle tickets for extraordinary effort, listening skills, helpfulness, etc. that allow campers the chance to win prizes. A zip-lock baggie with your name on it will help you to keep track of any tickets you acquire.  

What Should I NOT bring to Camp?

Sunflower seeds and gum are STRICTLY prohibited at Janet L. Ficke Softball Stadium. Much of the field is turf and as a result, seeds and gum are extremely difficult to remove. 

What Should I Wear to Camp?

Again, the summer temperatures can get pretty high. T-Shirts/moisture wicking shirts and (appropriate) tank tops are common place. Softball pants are ideal, but many campers choose to wear athletic shorts. We recommend high (softball/baseball) socks to protect your legs if & when you slide, dive, or fall. Padded "sliding" shorts or spandex are recommended if you choose to wear shorts. Hats/visors are also a great idea. 

Where is the Field?

Janet L. Ficke Softball Stadium is located on the Adelphi University's Garden City Campus on Long Island in NY. It is an easy walk from the Nassau Boulevard train station as well. Click here for more information and directions to Adelphi's Garden City Campus. Click here for a campus map. The best drop-off location is Parking Lot 1 (see map) off of South Avenue. The registration table will be on the third-base side of the field. 

What Time Should I Arrive?

We recommend arriving between 8:30 AM and 8:50 AM each day. We begin camp announcements at 9:00 AM followed by warm-ups each day. It is probably best to arrive on the earlier end of that time frame on the first day, as we have to verify that we have all required forms and payment for each camper have been submitted and this can take a few extra minutes. 

What Time Should I Be Picked Up at the End of the Day?

We ask that you adhere to the 3:00 PM pick-up time. We obviously will not leave campers alone while waiting for rides, but we ask you to be mindful of the fact that our staff often has other obligations following camp.

Will There be Medical Personnel on Site? 

We will have a Certified Athletic Trainer on-site for the duration of camp. While you will have to submit medical forms following your registration, it is a good idea to speak with us prior to the start of camp if you (or your child) have medical issues we should be aware of. For example, we feel it important to be aware of any diabetics or campers with food allergies ahead of time. In the case of injury, our medical professional will tend to the injured camper and a member of our staff will contact you if additional measures are necessary.

Can Parents/Guardians Remain On-Site During Camp Hours?

Parents/guardians are permitted to watch camp, but we ask that you remain a spectator and not a coach. Allow us to teach and allow your child the space to develop independence. We do understand that parents/guardians of children with medical issues may interact more with their children during camp and are completely supportive of this. 

What Happens in the Case of Inclement Weather? 

As you know, we have no control over the weather. We do not have access to indoor space for softball related activities. We will make decisions that are best for all as soon as we can while monitoring the forecast. We will use email and Twitter to notify campers and their parents of any potential changes. In the event we lose a chunk of camp time to weather, we will issue appropriate credit for a future camp/clinic as we see fit. In the case of extreme heat, we will increase water breaks, cool the field (and the campers), and provide opportunities for shade as needed.  

What if I've Never Played Softball Before?

Our camp is designed to be inclusive and encourages those of all ability levels to attend. We are seasoned coached and will group campers according to age prior to the start of camp. Once we begin to evaluate, we will move campers into more appropriate groups according to their skill level if we see fit. 

What if I Have Additional Questions?

You can contact us at with additional questions or concerns. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with additional forms that must be completed and returned to us or brought to camp with you on the first day. 

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