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noun: masher; plural noun: mashers

1. A home run hitter

2. A person or thing that mashes

"She's a masher", "That kid can mash."


Mashers, Inc. was born in July of 2016, primarily as a Camps & Clinics business. While our company is relatively new, you may already be familiar with our staff. 


We chose our name because it is strong, fierce, and menacing, much like our mascot, and just how we want our ballplayers to be.

Whether you're a mini masher or a mature masher, a seasoned veteran or a newbie, in driver's ed or learning to tie your shoes, travel balling or sandlotting, you're a ballplayer and we want to work with you.

At Mashers, Inc., softball is the subject and the diamond is our classroom. We aim to provide an enjoyable experience and extensive education in our complex, but fascinating sport. We recognize the importance of age-appropriate teaching and learning as well as youth interest and engagement in sport. We love softball, but our passion lies in the art of teaching it. Our goal is to provide a learning environment that is positive, encouraging, enriching, extensive, and rewarding. We believe in low camper to coach ratios and consider interaction and conversation to be paramount to the learning process. 


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